About Us

About Us

Who We Are.

Christ Hope Foundation is a Cameroon based Christian Non-Profit Organization, aimed at Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the World, and Giving Hope to the Hopeless. It was created in 2016 and has transformed the lives of many and has given hope to many Hopeless Orphans and less Privileged and Poor widows. The Organization was finally legalized in 2019 as a Charity Organization by the S.D.O of Mfundi, Yaounde and it is also legalized as an Outreach Ministry under the Cameroon Native Baptist Church.

Our Mission

Proclaiming Christ to the World, Giving to the Hopeless, and reaching the unreached.

Our Vision

To get people ready for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What We Do

*We seek to bring the true hope only found in Jesus Christ through the Gospel, along with practical support to those in need such as; Sponsoring Orphans in School, Providing Shelter for the Widows and Homeless Children, Provide clothing and food to Orphanages with no support. *We organize healing crusades for soul-winning in the Unreached villages, Winning souls for Christ and Making them disciples, bringing deliverance to those under the Powers and captivity of Witchcraft and demonic forces, Ministering healing to those with sicknesses and afflictions.

Our Team Head

Teneng Terence (President)

Teneng Terence is An Ordained Pastor with the Office of an Evangelist by calling and a dedicated servant of the Lord working so greatly for the end time harvest and making desciples for Christ in the nation of Cameroon.

Teneng Christopher (V. President)

Teneng Christopher is a Pastor with passion for soul winning and compassion for the needy. Teneng Christopher has a Bachelors of Arts in Theological Studies and currently doing his M.A in Theology.